If you like to playing word games you will love to play the newest app from this kind. Native or fluent people who enjoy playing games like this will easily become addicted to it. Learning new words and phrase connected to English language never hurt anybody.

94% is the new, and most likely the best game of its kind. You have the opportunity to play various levels all consisting of three subcategories. The words in the game are commonly known to all of us but the catch is who similar you think to people who gave the answers in the first place. The goal of the game is getting all the words connected to the topic right so you can advance and unlock a new level.

The first part is words connected to a concrete subject, such as police, dentist, doctor etc. The second part is completion of a phrase with words adding the meaning of the phrase for example a tooth …. . The final part is a picture and you need to find words related to the picture. Completing one of the three parts fully, having the 94%, enables you to play the next level.

The game has coins, the main currency in the game, and you can use them to buy some help if you find yourself stuck in a level. Mainly you buy letter or remove letters from the one the game offers. But if you don’t know a word or two you can always find the answers online.

The game is really fun and addicting. It has no complexity and tells you how your brain works given a certain vocabulary task. The games helps you learn some new words and have fun with your friends if you decide to play it with someone how can help you. The variety of levels the game offers gives you endless time of fun and amusement. If you like what you read go ahead and download it, it’s free.


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