Citymapper is a mandatory app if you are visiting an unknown city or a country. The main goal of the app is to help you get from point A to point B. This means that it will help you to get to the desired location via: bike, car, Uber, bus, rail and tube. In fact, even ferry is supported. Sadly, this app isn’t supported in all countries. Supported countries and cities are:

  • London, Paris, Amsterdam, Berlin, Rome and several more.
  • Tokyo, Hong Kong and Singapore.
  • New York, San Francisco, Los Angeles and several cities more.
  • Toronto, Montreal and Vancouver.
  • Latin America. Sao Paolo and Mexico City.

A good thing is that the list of covered cities is expanding. You can vote for your city.

This app has several awards, including:

  • App of the year (Apple) – 2013 and 2014
  • Stuff Magazine-Essential app of the year (2014)

User Interface

Although, this app is very useful and it is going to become even more useful, due to the fact more and more people use it every day, it has a user interface that is a bit complicated to use. It shows you a lot of information, which is a good thing, but all of them are displayed in a single screen, so it may be confusing. A good thing is that you are going to use the app every day, so you will get used to it.

Citymapper is a free app, available for: iPhone, iPad and iPod. Even better, the app is available for Apple Watch. On the other hand, the language support is far from perfect. The app is available on: German, Spanish, Portuguese, Japanese, Italian and English. We expect that this ‘’problem’’ will be solved soon, when the app get support for more cities.

It requires iOS 7 or later, so almost all iOS users are able to download and use this app.


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