Google Photos

Google Photos is a great app, ir developed to help you save and protect your photos and videos. This app has been rated as one of the best photo apps by: Wired, The Verge and the New York Times.


Google Photos offer great features. Even better, they are free, and they always will be. The latest version brings some minor improvements. In general, this app let you:

  • Visual search. This allows you to find photos related to some place or event. For example, if you need photos of some coffee house in Paris, just type ‘’Paris, Coffee’’.
  • As aforementioned, this app lets you save your photos and videos on the internet. This is the safest way to protect your data. These files will be accessible via all your devices, even your computer or a laptop.
  • Google Photos can create collages, panoramas, movies and etc. This is a simple feature, that is very useful and well-rated by users.
  • Editing is available as well. You can edit your photos with a simple editor. Prior knowledge isn’t required.
  • You can share your photos. Up to 1.500 photos can be shared. Remember that users with Android and Windows Phone devices will be able to see and share photos with you.
  • This app can remind you what happened a few years ago. This is a useful and fun feature.

User interface

The user interface of this app is simple but effective. Effective means that you can do anything you want in a couple of minutes. In essence, all features are easily available and searching and sharing photos is the same as on standard apps.

The goal of this app is to completely replace other photo-related apps. Users will use it from taking, editing to saving and storing photos. According to numerous user reviews, they managed to develop a perfect app for that.


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