Taking pictures has never been more amusing and fun to people than right now. This year humongous number of people and almost all of the celebrities entered the world of Instagram, a place where everyone can tell their story through pictures. Selfies made a huge breakthrough this year. There is no person on the planet, from young children to elder people, who doesn’t know what a selfie is.

Instagram offers fast way to upload pictures you take, on the Internet. It only takes you 10 seconds to choose an effect, to make your photo more appealing, and ‘’boom’’ you have your photo on Instagram. But there are few tricks the Instagram app offers to people.

What the Instagram application offer to people?

Instagram, unlike most of the other social internet sites, can only be accessed to certain point on your computer. The ability to post pictures, redesign them and upload them is only possible if you have the Instagram app downloaded on your phone. Although you can ‘’heart’’ someone’s photo on your laptop the ease of access the application offers make it more preferable choice for anyone who wants to post pictures on daily basis.

Instagram offers partnerships:

Instagram, give you the opportunity to share your visuals on other social media sites, such as Facebook Twitter etc. By agreeing on the privacy police and setting the option Instagram offers users the ability to automatically post all photos to the other internet sites from above. This makes the app much use full since you won’t need to go to all the different apps you have and post the picture separately.

If you enjoy taking photos and selfies, Instagram is the app you need to have on your phone. The app offers fun and easy way to portray happenings in your day and add filters and effect to make them look better. But don’t take this too serious Instagram isn’t Photoshop.


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