Periscope is unique app that allows you to share your videos with everyone. It is developed for people who using Instagram, Twitter and etc. Its allow your followers to comment videos and give you ‘hearts’. The more ‘hearts’ you get, its mean the more famous you are.


  • Reply feature allows you to give the ability to your followers to watch your videos again and again. Usually this lasts 24 hours and you can delete reply at any moment.
  • Periscope offers private feature. This feature allows you to share a video with just one or a few specific people. This means that other followers won’t be able to see your video. In addition, you can choose who can watch the video.
  • Share videos on Twitter. This allows you to share your videos on Twitter. Every time you want to share a video, there will be a tweet on your profile. The followers can watch the video in the app or on the web.
  • You can manage notifications. The app will suggest you new users to follow or old users to un-follow. It is very easy to choose which people you want to follow or to stop following. In addition, managing notification is simple as well.
  • You get ‘hearts’ from your followers. The more hearts you get, more followers loved your video.

User Interface

The user interface of Periscope is hi-tech. It has the latest tricks, used in app development. The app is fully developed for long and easy use. You don’t even need to read instructions or tips.

This is a completely free app, so you can download it and use it without spending any money on it. It is available in several different languages, including: Arabic, German, Japanese, Hungarian, Czech and many more. In addition, this app required iOS 7.1 or later version.


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