Snapseed is an app, developed completely by Google. The purpose of the app, is to help users edit and improve their photos with one touch.


Snapseed offers great features, combined with simplicity, but useful interface. The most important features are:

  • Tune Image. This feature allows you to manually or auto-tune photos. This includes adjusting: brightness, contrast, vibrancy, saturation and etc. If you ever worked in Photoshop, you can understand how important these settings are.
  • Sharpening is also available. This option allows you to improve the details on the image. Simply said, it will make an image less blurry.
  • This is mandatory and well-known feature in all photo-edit apps.
  • You can rotate a photo in any direction.
  • Transform allows you to adjust the perspective.
  • Healing is also supported. This great feature allows you to remove and clean the ‘’surface’’ of a photo, without damaging it.

Snapseed has even more features. You will feel like working an Adobe Photoshop on mobile. This app is developed to be fun, useful and easy to use.

User Interface

The user interface looks extremely simple. At first sight, it may think it just a normal photoing editing app. However, after using this app often, you will notice how great it is. All tools are properly sorted, opening and saving a photo is simple and making adjustments is very easy. The response time is low and there is no lagging, so this app will work perfectly every time you need it.

The latest version brings you a re-designed image picker. This feature is used to help you choose and import photos from the camera roll. In addition, the new version brings more tools and old tools have been improved.

Snapseed is a free app. There is no the premium version.


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